Promotional SMS vs Transactional SMS

Being Easy to Use, Simple & User-Friendly, Promotional SMS & Transactional SMS are Gaining Widespread Attention..

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Difference Between Promotional SMS & Transactional SMS

Promotional SMS:On the other hand, is the kind of SMS; which a company usually sends to its customers to promote a specific product or service. This category includes any type of sales and marketing messages; which may or may not be required. The Promotional SMS can only be sent to the customers who have not yet activated DND Service.

Examples of Promotional SMS templates:

  •    Dear Customer, Now Get Flat 10% Off on Flight (Basic Fare). Login now and start booking!
  •    Dear ABC, our team wishes you a very Happy New Year. We have mailed you a dining voucher at your address with a 20% discount on Clothes.

Features of Promotional Bulk SMS:

  •    The Message gets delivered to DND & Non-DND Numbers both
  •    The service is applicable 24x7
  •    6 Character Sender ID
  •    It works on template basis. The templates with 75% of Static Content and 25% Variables

Transactional SMS: May be a style of Promoting and maintaining communication for a corporation with its customers. When a corporation sends a Transactional SMS, it necessarily develops an informed image of its own, with a responsible brand. Transactional SMS are sort of SMS, which you send to your customers to pass on information about your product and services.

The example is when a bank sends an SMS to its customers about a recent transaction or account balance left it is called Transactional SMS. Similarly When a company sends an SMS to its client about an invoice and rest it is called Transactional SMS.

Examples of Transactional SMS templates:

Features of Transactional Bulk SMS:

Both Promotional SMS & Transactional SMS are vital for a brand. However; Promotional messages aren't essential as Transactional messages for purchasers who are already loyal. On the opposite hand; to draw in new clients; Promotional SMS are often effective. Sending any such kind messages, however requires services of a good company. In order to choose a good SMS Marketing and Gateway Service Provider, you as a business need to be defined about your needs and then holistically find a solution. Transactional and Promotional SMS are gaining attention due to the advantages they provide, for many benefits but service providers' quality of work matters.