Essentiality of Tracking KPIs For Promotional SMS

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Reaching out to customers using the heavily relied channel of SMS is becoming the norm for businesses of all sizes. Be it for promotional purposes or any other objective, tracking KPIs ( Key Performance Indicators) is what holds the key to knowing whether the campaigns are actually paying off for brands or not.


So what are these Key performance indicators that determine whether the marketing campaign of the brand has succeeded in achieving its targets or not? Not only this we are also able to find out in which direction our campaign is heading: worthy of continuation or better to scale down investment.

KPIs For Promotional SMS To Consider

Knowing about different metrics while starting the campaign and later on gauging where the marketing plan is heading, below are the indicators to look out for while assessing your campaigns:

  • Subscription List

This is the first thing that should concern all those interested in starting BulK SMS for reaching out to customers around the world. It is essential to know whether the list is growing or stagnating in one place.

If the list is seeing an upward trend, the news is good for the marketing team of the brand. But, if the number of subscriptions is declining, the indication is to introspect for those involved in handling outgoing messages.

  • Delivery Rate

Sending out messages is not where it ends, but the process begins there. While going forward with messages, the delivery rate is what ought to be on top of the mind of every marketing team.

Finding out whether all the messages have been received by the intended targets is vital for meeting the objective. If messages do not reach the target, something is awry. To find out the delivery rate, we have to check between sent and delivered messages.

Sometimes the number is changed by the user and is no longer active. To find out whether the number is invalid, HLR is the feature SMS providers offer to their clients for smooth and streamlined communication. With the addition of this feature lot of unnecessary numbers are filtered out, helping in reducing costs.

  • Response Rate

Once the message is delivered, the next big thing on the sender’s mind is whether the text will be responded back or not. If the traffic begins to increase, the rate is in favor of the brand communicating with clients. This metric ought to be analyzed for better results.

  • Opt-Out Rate

There is no better rate to know whether the campaign is paying off or not. If customers are unsubscribing and opting out of the promotional campaign, there needs some work on the part of the marketing team. To ensure people do not sign out from the list coming up with a better strategy is what is required.

  • Conversion Rate

To assess how successful the marketing campaign is, the conversion rate is what really matters in the end for all those employing this channel.

One of the important factors that are key to determining the impact of Bulk SMS is conversion rate. This is an indicator that conveys to the business about the purchase and new customers. This is what all the hard work is done for by the marketing team of the company.


All those using SMS channel for reaching out to customers must not go ahead with a marketing plan without keeping a tab on KPIs. It is through these indicators we are able to work on our future strategy and get desired results for expanding the business.