Enhancing SMS Deliverability Rate

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All those organizations that are using Bulk SMS services are concerned with the issue of message delivery. It is because they are supposed to pay for every message sent, leaving aside the question of whether the text was delivered to all in the intended list.


Since SMS is a channel that ensures cost-efficient communication at an unbelievably faster pace, more enterprises are shifting to this form of marketing.

However, to make the journey successful and return on investment (ROI) as desired, you have to fix the loopholes found in the deliverability process.

Before telling you what ought to be done for improving the sms deliverability rate, let’s first understand:

What is SMS deliverability?

It’s the process of ensuring all your messages figure in the subscriber’s inbox. The higher the rate of deliverability, the better for your campaign. Messages that are sent are filtered by the carrier to weed out spam.

Reasons Behind the Failure of SMS Message Delivery


The business is unable to send messages to all the consumers due to the following:

Issues on the Receiver’s End

The phone number in your list may no longer be in use. This is usually the reason the message is not delivered as intended. The client may have either changed the number or shared a landline number with you which cannot receive text messages.

illegal Ways Are Detected

When unauthorized routes are used to send messages, the superbly customized text by your marketing team will not be delivered. This happens because your service provider, in order to avoid being charged by the network, uses the grey route.

It’s recommended to have a service provider like SMSala that is not flouting any rules and uses SMS API for instant delivery.

Spam Can Be Elephant in the Room

Messages that you send to a long list of subscribers go through a filter process where junk is not allowed down the line. Spam texts can include:

  • A message bereft of the opt-out option
  • A message from undifferentiated sender IDs
  • The same message is sent to a large number of recipients at the same time.

Ameliorating SMS deliverability

We are finally onto the moot question of how to improve our delivery and what is to be done? Below we have discussed some points:

Check Phone Numbers of Your Subscribers

This should be the first step in ensuring that all your messages reach the intended target. You have to go through the contact list and remove the ones no longer in use. You can also do away with ones being changed by users. Some may have given the wrong numbers but you are paying unnecessarily for them.

Avoid Sending Spam Messages

Here a lot depends on you as a business because you have to customize a legally compliant message. You cannot set aside an opt-out option in every message you send and including T&C in the welcome message ought not to be forgotten.

On the other hand, your service provider must ensure that no grey routes are used to send messages. The escape from paying a network by your provider can make you pay dearly.

Make it a Two-way Channel

There is no better way to improve your deliverability rate than by interacting with your clients. Don’t make them passive receivers but converse with them and improve the connection. This two-way process will ensure your messages get through in the future.

What Next

Now you are well versed in how to improve the deliverability rates, it’s time to implement the points mentioned above and at the same time avoid the ones that stop you from reaching high sms deliverability rates.

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