Boosting Events With Promotional SMS

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People get together for various reasons. There may be an event just for the advancement of business or at times we come across events that intend to entertain the audience. Whatever the reason behind assembling people somewhere, events of all kinds require some kind of promotion to go as envisaged by the organizers. This is where the SMS channel using bulk sms service for event promotion comes in handy.


Since the rampant usage of social media sites — Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter — people are usually using these platforms to reach the maximum number of people. Not only non-government organizations, but small and big businesses are also acknowledging the power and reach of these sites and are heavily reliant on these new channels of communication. However, the cost efficiency and immediacy of SMS surpass all other channels in terms of open rate and response from the receiver.

The texting channel not only helps in the promotion of products and services, but enterprises or event managers from any field can use this to reach the maximum number of people. The utility of messaging is not denied by anyone which is why more and more are drawn to this line for promotional purposes.

Statistically speaking, the open rate of SMS at 98% outweighs all other communication channels. In another study, it is predicted that the market of SMS will grow by billions. With these parameters, one can easily visualize the power of SMS marketing in the future.

Promotional SMS for Events

Now let’s come down to using SMS for event promotions. Below we have mentioned how to use this powerful channel for the promotion of events of any kind:

Spread the Keyword

This is the first point of contact between you and the audience you are targeting. What you have to do at first is to spread the word to familiarize the hitherto unknown audience about the event. They can use this keyword to subscribe and get related updates regarding the forthcoming event. Once you get through this stage, the journey becomes smooth to a large extent. It is here where people are drawn to a planned event.

Publicize the Sale of Tickets

Once you are done with spreading the keyword, the next important step is to text people about the sale of tickets. This has to be as enchanting as it can get. Because here you are selling the event and if you are able to draw more into purchasing these tickets, it is likely you have succeeded in the mission of not only garnering an audience but it is here where you can determine how successful the event is going to be.

Sending Confirmation

For those who have bought tickets for the event and also those who have subscribed to the list, a confirmation message must be sent to their inboxes. This is the easiest and cheapest way to inform the attendee.

Event Reminders

When the event draws closer, sending reminders is the most suitable way to adopt. The text may include information regarding the parking and seating arrangement and any delay or change in schedule. If in case the event is shelved due to some unavoidable circumstances, attendees can be messaged in advance.


Promotions of any kind are done best via the SMS channel because people are almost always clutching their mobile phones and on top of that texting does not require a customer to add a data pack and install a separate app. Events, if promoted using this channel, are going to have the desired results.

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