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Businesses – micro and macro – that are using Bulk SMS as a tool of marketing communication must be in possession of data on the end number of customers. But to know which one is active and able to receive is taken care of by HLR lookup.


The necessity of having HLR is felt by many. Entities spend more than the required amount on SMS campaigns. This is a consequence of not updating the database.

What is HLR Lookup

Home location register lookup or HLR in short is a database that contains information about subscribers of a particular network. The database contains all numbers and related information about them. For instance, whether the mobile number is in use or no longer being used.

HLR lookup lets you clean the database of inactive numbers. This will ensure you don’t send messages to those that are no longer in use or have migrated to any other operator.

How HLR Lookup Operates

Since mobile operators hold information about every phone subscription on their network, using HLR lookup gives you access to information about any number anywhere in the world.

Using an HLR Lookup for the numbers in your database determines which ones are currently operational and which ones are invalid. The Lookup removes inactive numbers in your database. Numbers that are too long or too short, and numbers with unidentifiable letters and characters.

What is Provided By HLR Lookup?

An HLR Lookup gets information from the mobile operator after sending a query. This is what you get following the query:

  • You get to know about the country where the SIM is registered.
  • You get to know whether SIM is being used or has been made inactive.
  • Whether the phone is on or off forwarded in the lookup.
  • You are also provided information about the network connection of the phone.

HLR Lookup can be used as and when needed to clean up your data.

Benefits of HLR Lookup

By employing HLR Lookup, you get to message the desired number of clients in a more efficient manner. Here you will not be wasting your resources and time on those users who are no longer in contact.

Some of the advantages are given below:

  1. The marketing process is made more efficient by targeting customers in the updated database.
  2. The difference between invalid numbers and those with momentary glitches is displayed.
  3. The overall deliverability of your business messages is improved.
  4. Fraudulent numbers are identified using Lookup.
  5. It helps you in remaining spam-compliant business.
  6. Numbers are validated using online forms to avoid incorrect data entry.
  7. To assist you with troubleshooting, real-time information is provided.

HLR Lookups With Regard to Spamming

Businesses – big and small – are expected around the world to abide by the legal laws of the land when plunging into SMS marketing. It is a general rule not to send promotional messages to those who have not opted or signed in for the same.

When an individual opts for your marketing campaign, he/she can be sent promos. However, if in the future the concerned individual changes the number, you are bound to stop the marketing campaign. This is because the mobile number can be assigned to any other customer who may not want to receive it.

This is where HLR Lookup comes to your rescue. Through this, you can update the database and get to know which one is no longer in use or has been assigned to another user.


In the Bulk SMS industry, businesses have found a streamlined and cost-efficient communication channel. However, what must be kept in mind is that after gathering or garnering subscribers, the inactive ones ought to be removed from the list. HLR Lookup makes the job easier for you in filtering the database. When you are using this, you are saving a lot of resources and time at the same time for your company.

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