Two-Way Messaging For Businesses

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The impact of Bulk SMS on the exponential growth of any brand is not what people in the communication industry question at all. Of late, the use of texting for promotional purposes has seen a spike but people’s engagement with the marketing strategy is still not what the owners aspire.


To address this loophole in the already well-established channel, brands can employ the two-way messaging option for a high return on investment. Although the open rate of SMS is nearly cent percent, the click-through rates can be improved, and customers can be led to the desired action.

Just sending a marketing message from your end as a brand is not enough. You have to move beyond the one-way communication channel for better results. The way to connect in an efficient manner is to allow the recipient to respond to your message for better communication. He/she may be having queries regarding the offer or a deal, but if he/she is not allowed a way out, chances are the potential customer may be lost.

Most potential buyers don’t go beyond reading a marketing text only because they are not offered the reply option. If brands want to increase traffic and CTRs ( Click Through Rates), it is incumbent upon them to listen to the buyer. If done with the right strategy, the results would be phenomenal for businesses of any type. Letting the customer speak his mind does add value to the relationship between the two.

Where to Use Two-way Messaging

In order to build relationships with customers, two-way messaging is thought to be an ideal way to connect. For sending messages and receiving responses, SMS API is used for this type of messaging. Here long codes, short codes, and Sender ID is used to text. With the option of automation, clients can reply back on a certain keyword and receive the response within no time.

Some Daily Use Cases are Discussed Below:

If you are a restaurant owner who wants to expand and add to the list of loyal customers, two-way messaging can be very beneficial.

For instance, you decided to engage with customers by sending a mouth-watering offer via SMS. Whether the promotion works in your favor will depend upon the communication channel. If you let the customer respond using the keyword, chances are he/she will buy the offer after clearing all the queries.

Had the communication been one-sided, the result would have been against the sender of an offer.

Most of the customers receive transactional messages via SMS. To make use of it, service providers can ask about the experience using the messaging channel. In this way, limitations can be addressed in real-time and people will feel valued at the same time.


Besides those in the hotel industry, people from almost every industry —  hospitals, educational institutes, fintech, and Insurance companies — can use two-way messaging for unprecedented growth. If anyone wants to spread way beyond the set boundaries, it is time to hear out your loyal and potential customers all the time.

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