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The concept of making customers wait for a long stretch is no longer feasible and is abhorred by customers a lot. To ensure no one leaves the interaction midway in disgust, companies are switching to autoresponders.

SMS Autoresponder

You might have had to either decline or put someone on-hold while out of the office or on the line with another client in your customer service experience. But this is not what customers look forward to while searching for a solution to their issues.

For your convenience and that of the clients you serve, the easiest solution is shifting to automatic replies.

What is Autoresponder?

When someone subscribes or sends a message on the given keyword, the reply that is sent back without any manual intervention is called an autoresponder. When the process of automation is chosen, the need to manually type and click on a send button becomes obsolete.

You as an entrepreneur no longer have to worry about customer relations. This service takes the load off customer executives and enhances the customer experience at the same time.

Auto replies help you remain in contact with customers even when you are out of the office on weekends, vacations, and holidays.

Objectives Served By Using Autoresponders

Welcome the Customer: Whenever a new customer chooses or opts for your service, welcome him/her without typing manually even if you are in the bed. This can be done round the clock. The need to be in front of the screen is no longer needed.

Sending Confirmations: If the customer has purchased at midnight or even during the day, you can easily send him/her the confirmation message for future reference.

Free up Staff: Much-needed goal of relieving staff is achieved by choosing auto-replies. This saves time and resources for the company. The staff can be given other important tasks.

Few Samples of Auto Response Messages


1. Promotional Text: When a client contacts you regarding the offer, you can set an auto-response to make him feel valued.

For Instance: Thanks for contacting SMSala LLC! One of our sales representatives will get back to you in a moment. You can check our latest offers here.

2. Welcome Message: When a new customer signs up for your service, it’s incumbent upon you to reply immediately and give him/her a feel of joining a special group.

For Instance: Hi, We welcome you.Thanks for choosing us. We hope to serve you better.

3. Appointment Confirmation: When a patient chooses your hospital for a check-up, it is important for you to send the confirmation message along date and time.

For Instance: This is to inform you that your appointment with Dr. Nazir has been fixed for May 12 at 10 am in the morning.

4. Job Application: When a new applicant applies or fills the form you had advertised in a newspaper, you can send him/her a text for successfully submitting the form.

For Instance: Thanks for showing interest in working with us. We have received your application for the post of Business development associate.

5. Missed Call Auto-reply: Sometimes due to some other important work to attend to you miss the call of your customer. To avoid the feeling of not being attended to, set auto-replies for the same.

For Instance: We are sorry for not being able to attend your call. A customer service associate from our team will get back to you shortly.

Shifting to autoresponders is extremely helpful for both customers and the company. The ability to remain just a click away from your customer is what makes it a highly preferred option. This simple option of connecting with your clientele has a large number of uses that would otherwise require enough time and resources.

So, what are waiting for? We at will take care of your autoresponse service. For you to reduce the daily hassle and reach thousands in seconds, SMSala is the Bulk SMS provider you can rely on for streamlined and cost-effective communication with users in different countries.

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