SMS Marketing For Ecommerce: Benefits & Strategies Explained

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Before diving deep into the world of why SMS marketing is important for e-commerce and its benefits, let’s first understand what it is to run a campaign via an SMS channel. 

When a company decides to reach out to its customers using the Bulk SMS service to promote new products, services, or flash sales, it’s called SMS marketing. This process is adopted by companies to reach the maximum number of loyal as well as prospective customers with just a single click.

SMS Marketing For Ecommerce

The reason businesses across the globe are preferring this method of reaching out to clients is backed by data and time-to-time studies carried out on the subject. According to 99 FIRMS, 91% of consumers would opt-in for text messages from brands and 58% believe SMS is the most effective way for brand communication.

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Given the chances of higher readability and the cheapest way to reach consumers, SMS marketing cannot be left unattended. Are you still not convinced about the necessity to include Mass SMS in your marketing campaigns? Well, below are the benefits of this way of communicating over other modes.

Benefits of SMS Marketing


Instantaneous: As soon as the message is delivered to the consumer’s inbox, the chances of reading and replying back are higher compared to email or any other channel. Here the receiver feels the need to check and the urge to read. If enticing enough, he/she may respond shortly.  

Cost-effective Channel: With the unmatched scale of immediate reach and one of the cheapest modes of conveying, texting has resulted in not only helping businesses keep in touch with faithful users, but the chances of having new ones lining up for your service increases a lot.

Reach: The sheer reach of text messages is unfathomable for many. Even for people who don’t have access to the internet, the chance to keep in touch and track their order is possible here. You can send in any corner of the world your promotional message and track the outcome.

Higher Open Rates: This special feature of SMS marketing is hailed by many in the industry. It has been witnessed that people engage with the message received directly in their inboxes. Who does not want to be read? This is where the probability of reading your information is higher.

If you want your clients to remain informed about new offers, services, and special discounts instantly, then go nowhere and read how to go about this process and what strategies to be adopted to take your business to next level. 

Where To Start

1) Stated Objective: This is where it all begins. Firstly, you must have a goal in mind of why and for what purpose to start this campaign. Taking from the above-mentioned points, this part is solved. For instance, you want to reach out to new customers through giveaways.

2) Choosing Service Provider: Once you have outlined your goals, the need to have a Bulk SMS provider is required. Selecting one with high uptime is highly recommended. This is where SMSala which provides – fast delivery, competitive rates, and with just a single click you can send your message to thousands of customers anywhere in the world – comes to your rescue.

3) Attract Subscribers: Now to make yourself known to the public and become a household name, work on the process of adding numbers to your client’s list. It can be done by giving an offer to those already subscribed if they refer to their friends and relatives. The option to opt-in must be provided on a website page to new consumers.

4) Kickstart The Campaign: Once you have followed the above-mentioned steps, you can now easily send out a promotional message to your customer base. Focus on changing the message and more importantly don’t over-send. People feel disturbed by unwanted messages.

5) Follow-up: This is a very important step for you because this is where clients express and share their concerns. Tracking the outcome is essential in every sector. How successful or unsuccessful was your campaign can be tracked at the end. Based on the results a change can be introduced.

Ways to Follow For Successful Bulk SMS Marketing

  • Always welcome new subscribers with a welcome message. This strikes a chord and helps in the long run.    
  • Make the customer feel special by adhering to his demands and sending messages related to his interest based on previous purchases.
  • Following the ABC method: Convey your message by being accurate, brief, and concise. Avoid sending long threads and multiple texts at the same time.
  • Personalize the message by sending special offers on birthdays and festivals. This makes customers feel valued.


 If followed diligently, the success rate of your campaign will increase within no time.


Now, what are you waiting for? Try SMSala Service to grow your business and reach an audience never thought of before. Use this marketing tool to gain access without losing the customer base.



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