Measuring SMS Delivery & Its Importance

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It is a general rule in life that if we do not keep a tab on where we are spending, we are very likely opening the possibility of ruining finances. This may be at our home or our business we want to establish and see flourishing. As the communication channels of communicating with customers are changing, SMS is being favored by many brands.


However, what needs to be taken care of is the measuring of SMS delivery that is sent out to market products and services by businesses of all kinds. The campaigns that are run by marketing teams cannot be left without assessing the results and impact they make on the overall growth of a company.

It is necessary to analyze and measure the impact of SMS promotional campaigns and make the necessary changes if any for a higher ROI ( Return on Investment).

The necessity of measuring SMS delivery is not only helpful in knowing where the major share of your budget goes, but this is also a simple and easy way to learn about the audience you are catering to. Whether the campaign has added to the revenue or driven away the existing customers, can all be gauged while measuring SMS delivery.

Various Metrics to Determine The Success of SMS Delivery

While sending marketing messages, brands are required to state the objectives at the earliest for the successful completion of promotional campaigns. Below we have come up with various rates that determine the success of marketing texts sent out by any brand around the globe:

  • Engagement Rate

Whenever a brand or a business sends out messages, it is essential to monitor the engagement rate of customers with the campaign. If the engagement levels are high, it is likely that the sender is meeting its objectives.

However, if people do not interact with the messages, there is a high chance that the campaign is not going the desired way. If this rate is decreasing there are chances of your campaign not reaching to full potential.

  • Delivery Rates

These are rates that determine whether messages sent have reached the destination. The higher the deliverability rate the better the chances of your texts ending up in the inboxes of clients.

If messages do not reach their destination, there are various reasons behind the failure. Either the carrier has not forwarded the message or the receiver’s phone is switched off. Further, the reason for low deliverability can be an invalid number or a carrier error.

  • Opting Out Rate

To determine the success of campaigns, one of the ways to check is to find out the opt-out rate. If people are unsubscribing, there is a chance there is something seriously wrong with the marketing campaign.

  • Conversion Rate

How many customers are actually taking the desired action is what will determine the conversion rate. If messages are read but not followed by action, this rate will decrease. This is the most important of them all because if all steps are followed but not the final one, no one will call the campaign successful.

  • Increase in Subscribers

This is another factor that determines whether the marketing campaigns are succeeding or not. If the opt-in rates are ascending, one can safely say the campaign is going in the right direction. If not then there is a need for introspection.


Besides the above rates, measuring SMS delivery also requires the marketing team to analyze the customer acquisition costs. If the input is higher than the output, it is necessary for brands to evaluate the strategy and make necessary changes for successful campaigns.

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