The Essentiality of Tracking SMS Marketing Campaigns

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There are a lot of debates going around with regard to the utility of SMS marketing campaigns for businesses of all sizes. However, what is not denied by anyone is the benefit of promotional SMS in capturing the attention of customers. What remains is tracking SMS once Bulk SMS is delivered.


Before getting into the tracking of SMS marketing campaigns, let’s first understand why SMS is becoming the most preferred channel for experienced as well as new and emerging brands in the market.

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SMS Marketing as a Tool

Many enterprises around the world are adopting SMS as a channel of communication. This is because text-based communication, besides being instant, is a highly effective and cost-efficient channel. Texting lets corporations get the message directly into their client’s mobile phones.

Getting directly into contact on a one-to-one basis was not possible earlier. We have the traditional forms of communicating our messages, but SMS campaigns made the experience for a client more personal than what could be achieved with radio, television, and newspaper advertisements.

What is SMS Tracking

Once the SMS Blast is sent out to different destinations, the job is half done. To make the campaign successful lot of things ought to be followed afterward. To check whether all the messages reached the intended destination, analyzing results, and feedback on the campaign is what is included in SMS tracking.

Without following the process and necessary steps after sending promotional messages, the desired result may not be achieved. There are certain indicators that give you an understanding of users’ actions. Tracking SMS is essential for your business because only then you will be able to measure the impact of your campaigns.

You get answers to the following important questions after analyzing your traffic:

  • What is the response rate of your promos?
  • What is the delivery status of campaigns being run?
  • What is the conversion rate?
  • What is Return on investment for the Bulk SMS campaign?

Vital Indicators to Track SMS Marketing Campaigns

While keeping a tab on your sent messages, below are the indicators not to be skipped.

Delivery Rate

This is the first and most vital among the indicators to be used. Unless you as a brand don’t know whether sent messages have been received by the end-user, the whole exercise becomes futile.

So, what you have to do is to track whether messages have reached where you wanted to send them. Further, you will get to know about the loopholes in your routes to be fixed.

Delivery Speed

If your messages are reaching the intended destination, the next step to be evaluated is the speed of delivery. You will never prefer delayed delivery. No one likes to receive information about a flash sale any moment later.

The problem with speed may arise questions regarding the routes in use. If not fixed, messages to be sent will be considered spam.

Open Rate

It’s a widely known fact that SMS has a 98% open rate, much higher than email and other channels of communication. You ought to track whether your messages were actually opened by the end-user.

Conversion Rate

Here you track the number of people who clicked on the given link or subscribed to your list. This will also include the purchase made via the sent text.

This is the most important indicator of all because it shows the impact of your campaign. The higher the conversion rate, the better for the company.

Return on Investment

To know how successful your campaign has been, the marketing team of the entity will go through the investments made and the outcome received on the particular SMS campaign.

Here you check the costs incurred and profits earned. To reach the conclusion you will subtract the campaign cost and other related costs before finally coming up with ROI.


Tracking SMS marketing campaign is essential for every business that is using Mass SMS for promotional purposes. Just relying on the part of the task – leaving the essential part aside – will not make your SMS campaign successful.

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