Outsmart Others by Employing These SMS Marketing Practices

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If you are here reading these lines, you are probably well versed with the importance of SMS marketing for the unprecedented growth of large corporations or small enterprises anywhere in the world.


Since you know how crucial having a successful Bulk SMS campaign is for you to spread to the remotest corners of the world, there is no denying the fact that most customers prefer being communicated via texts about a brand.

In a survey carried out by Attentive Mobile, 91% of consumers would opt-in for text messages from brands, but not all businesses offer it yet.

Nowadays shoppers are embracing mobile phones while shopping online instead of computers. 56% of consumers are using mobile while buying online, making it the preferred choice of the majority.

From the stats mentioned above, one thing is clear: the potential of Bulk SMS has not been tapped completely yet by various micro and macro companies across the globe. Although some have begun in the direction earlier, many are indecisive about whether to tread the path or keep with the traditional means.

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Ways To Adopt for Successful SMS Marketing Campaigns

Now for those who have already chosen the path, below are some points to ponder while using the SMS marketing channel to communicate with loyal and potential customers:


Never Send Without a Permission

All human beings like being asked when to be contacted and when not to. Like in day-to-day life, unnecessary and uncalled-for messages are not preferred by any.

It is highly advised to have written consent from the customer before sending out any message. This can be done by asking them to fill out a form or message a keyword for the process to begin.

Go With Some Value

As in other dealings, you must ensure that you bring something of value to the respondent while demanding a minute or two from their busy schedule. No one likes to deal without having any profit in return.

It must be noted that value is valued. Whenever you are running a promotional campaign make sure you have considered the mutual benefit of both parties. You may want to sell a product but a consumer expects something in return. It can be a special discount on a product or an exclusive offer for the one who received the text.

The Language Does Make The Difference

When you have finally decided to send out Blast SMS for promotional purposes make sure the language you use is appealing and does not compel the reader to switch without reading full.

Use precise and easy-to-understand language. Slogans and one-liners ought to be such that the reader is captivated and lead to the desired action.

Instant Response

After reading the text, the customer might want to have a piece of additional information. He is expected to message you back and get a response. This is where your customer support team has to handle the client.

The user cannot wait for days to be replied back. If you are not able to respond back on time due to a shortage of staff, you can employ an SMS Chatbot to ease the burden of the workaholic customer relationship team.

The need for instant communication is automatically handled by the SMS chatbot. Many companies are using this for smooth functioning avoiding delayed response.

Revolve Around The Customer

All your campaigns must be consumer-centered. The message you send has to be customized in a way that the receiver feels valued and part of the process. Using the name after salutation can be an excellent way to engage the client. Any corporation that deploys this method outweighs others in the competition.

Maintain Regularity

This has to be the priority when you plan to launch the SMS marketing campaign. You cannot be irregular with your texts. Neither too often, nor too rare is not the policy to be adopted. You have to strike a balance and avoid being once in a while or a frequent visitor for the client.

Avoid bombarding the customer with unnecessary messages, which may lead to unsubscription from the user.

Timing of The Message Matters

While sending out messages keep in mind different time zones. Usually, promotional messages are sent between 9 am to 9 pm. You cannot disturb a person sleeping or watching an important show.

Sending texts during festivals does make sense and has proven benefits. Muslims can be contacted after the end of Ramadan on the eve of eid. Likewise, Hindus can be offered a special offer during Diwali and Christians may be presented with a Christmas special sale.

Option To Leave

This cannot be emphasized more because the option to unsubscribe must be part of every marketing text sent to a multitude of customers. This option may not be liked by brands but the client knows the importance of having this embedded in every message sent.


The above-mentioned ways to be adopted make it very clear for any marketing team how to go about the process of promoting via text. If these practices are followed diligently in mobile marketing, there are bright chances for a brand to make a presence. Consequently, this will lead customers to the desired action, a goal of every business.

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