Why SMS Chatbot is Need of The Hour

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While interacting with a customer support team of any reputed e-commerce website, you must have received a reply instantly. You were not made to wait for minutes together saying: “ all customer executives are busy, kindly wait for XYZ minutes.” There is a secret hand – SMS chatbot – behind all this immediacy and quick response effort.


Since Smartphones are ubiquitous and people are using messaging apps to interact, many companies have switched to chatbots for the convenience of customers and to unburden themselves at the same time.

What is an SMS Chatbot?

The automated conversation partner that you get in touch with via texting is called an SMS chatbot. There is no human being interacting with you but a computer on the other side responds to your queries.

Chatbots are making the job of companies easier and with the least chances of making errors is the quality for which they are employed by all micro and macro businesses.

Due to the rapid increase in the use of Bulk SMS marketing strategy by various brands to get the message across to customers, the need to listen to them also grows manifold.

You, as an entrepreneur, cannot make the conversation unidirectional. For you to make it interactive, the requirement of customer executives arises. To make it a more profitable and time-saving process, the availability of a 24/7 SMS chatbot comes to your rescue. You can remain in touch with your customers round the clock wherever go, even when you have hit the bed.

Why Choose SMS Chatbot?

The need for SMS chatbots is felt by many companies, within-country ones or Multinational corporations (MNCs) around the world. Some are slowly switching to this automated process but many are lagging behind. For those who have not adopted it yet, below are some reasons to consider:


Instantaneous Communication: The response time of these SMS chatbots is phenomenal. Humans cannot be as agile as the automated process. The waiting period, which was the order earlier, is done away with.

Round The Clock Availability:  Unlike in the usual customer relationship, the presence is not an issue. You have the support always at your service 24/7. Even if you plan to have an off day, SMS chatbots will take care of your business in your absence. If you are holidaying in the Himalayas, chatbots will take care of your clients.

Error-Free Process: What sets these automated, computer programs apart from humans is the least possibility of errors. While communicating with a client a customer executive may err, but the chances of chatbots erring are very minimal because they have been designed so.

Set in Advance: Knowing very well that you may find it difficult to customize the message on the day it has to be sent, this software allows you to design the message in advance and determine the set date to be sent later to thousands of customers.

Increase Sales: While in conversation with the customer, the chance to sell new products or the ones lying in the cart is always available. You can make the purchase in the chatbox itself. Set such questions that lead the client to the buying-options page.

Surpass Others in The Field: Not many have shifted to chatbots yet but the benefits are innumerable for those looking to take a plunge. Those who start early will always have an edge over other players in the concerned area.

Save Time and Resources: By employing this computer program, you will not only be able to save precious time but the resources will also be saved. The free up staff can be employed elsewhere and increase the productivity of the company. This is also because most of the questions of customers are somewhat similar.


The need to shift from a traditional mode of assisting a customer to the latest one where software is used to interact has attracted many businesses. The benefits are way more than what used to be in the previous one. Anyone who has not shifted yet to SMS chatbot, must try and take the business to next level by just a simple change in contact with the client.

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