Use of Text Messaging in Various Sectors

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Who does not want to make the best of a channel that is ruling the roost in the messaging industry? Although there are plenty of options for businesses —  small and big — to choose from while reaching out to customers around the globe. The channel that has of late, become the preferred choice for almost every new startup or established enterprise is the easiest-to-use SMS channel.


Despite being the oldest and not as feature-rich as the trendy messaging platforms in the age of the internet, the SMS channel, which is also called the Text Messaging Channel in industry parlance is being used by various players in different sectors.

Why are business heads from financial institutions to the now-in-vogue sector of hospitality using SMS for streamlined communication?

SMS in Various Sectors 

Let’s find out about the reasons behind the shift and the sectors that can make the most while using the channel.

  • Financial Sector

The need to update customers is felt most by those in the financial sector. The need to inform customers on a priority basis when an emergency update is a prerequisite for smooth operations, texting all at once is what can be done to avoid delay in relaying the much-needed information.

Not only in the above-mentioned case but SMS is also used for security and privacy reasons. For instance, to complete a transaction, a bank sends an OTP on the registered mobile number, which after being entered completes the process. This two-factor authentication takes place due to the cost-efficient channel of SMS.

If a bank wants to communicate with its client regarding a transaction, calling is not viable all the time, and more importantly, it is of utmost importance to know whether the client is in a position to respond. In that scenario, leaving a text is thought to be the most useful way.

For banks to promote products and services, the most affordable channel of texting is what remains the go-to choice for almost every second bank in the world. One of the main reasons is the higher engagement rates of SMS.

  • Hospitality

The delay and changes while people are away from their respective towns are the most distressing feelings for a customer. To ensure visitors do not face any issues and make their journey hassle-free, those who serve guests have to use the channel that will ensure not only a connection of sorts but also engagement has to be preferred.

Sending confirmations via the SMS channel and any changes must be communicated efficiently using text messaging means.

  • Real Estate

This is the sector that has benefitted most from the introduction of Bulk SMS. Not only to confirm sales but to publicize new properties and get to the customers at a speed not thought of before, SMS is the channel that is catching up and making the job easier for both clients and one managing operations.

  • Ecommerce

With the increase in the use of Smartphones and the internet penetration rates going up at the desired pace, reliance on the old-fashioned SMS channel has not faded. It has increased manifold over the years.

Not only to send order confirmations, shipping, and delivery information is also communicated via texting. The changes are conveyed immediately and support, if needed is also offered by these e-commerce sites via texting. The use of channel has made the job easier for both the brand involved and the customer who engages.


With nearly cent percent open rates and the cost-efficiency texting offers, businesses around the world can rely on SMS channel instead of spending hefty sums on traditional advertising. For streamlined communication with prospective and loyal customers instantly, texting is the channel to rely on.

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