Using QR Codes For Text Messaging

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The easier and smoother the way to contact, the better for both customer and the business. Who does not want to do away with complexities that bar many customers from getting in touch? Of late the answer has been found in the form of QR codes. Now, for streamlined communication, brands can make use of QR codes for text messaging.


Almost everywhere the abundance of these Quick Response codes has made the job not only easier for customers, but owners of establishments are equally satisfied with the instant feature of these codes. More than anything else, time, the precious of all resources, is saved in the process. Now, manual typing is no longer required. Simply scan a code and get the work done.

Before getting into how QR Codes can be used in text messages, let us first understand the term in detail.

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What are QR Codes?

The answer lies in the abbreviation. QR is a short form of referring to quick response codes. These are barcodes holding information both horizontally and vertically. Invented way back in the early 90s of the 20th century, the usage was not as wide as it is now. The unprecedented spike in the use of these instant response codes is largely due to the abundance of smartphones.

These codes redirect the one who scans them either to the website or where the designer of the code intends to.

Creating a QR Code For Text Messages

To make use of the benefits that come up with the creation of QR codes, it is necessary to know how to create one. Below we have mentioned the process:

For this code to be created, the simplest way is to try QR Code Generators. What is needed is the number, keyword, and CTA (call to action). Having these things ready, you can easily generate a code of your choice.

After typing in the required information, you can either download or print the code. These codes can be used anywhere you want to for the convenience of customers.

Where to Use QR Codes

Once the code has been generated, the important stage of implementation comes into play. Below we have listed some ways you can use QR Codes:

  • Add to The Customer List

By displaying your QR code you allow customers to get in touch with you. Earlier they were required to manually type the number and keyword, but now with these codes, you allow the client to just scan the code and subscribe to the list.

  • Offer Support

Clients will no longer be required to type in messages and ask for help. With QR codes for support available to customers, the complexity is done away with.

  • Book Your Seat

You can also ask customers to scan a code that will send a text requesting a berth on a train or bus. Similarly, customers can scan a QR code to book an appointment without typing a message for the same purpose.


The use of QR Codes will certainly make the job easier and people will prefer this method instead of any other way to connect. Businesses that deploy it at the earliest will have an edge over competitors. As for as the future is concerned, the upcoming time of QR Codes will not be as bleak as it was at the time of its invention in 1994.


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