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The use of mobile phones has seen a sharp rise since the introduction of Smartphones in the market. Now, with a lot of choices available in the hands of a consumer, businesses have to sift through various marketing ways to reach the intended customer.


Since people are more into social media usage and apps have access to the location data of their users, the term geolocation is not an unknown one. With this feature, people in the industry are employing it to reach a targeted customer segment. As soon as the customer gets into a specific area, the business takes advantage of the geolocation feature which is usually in almost all the apps being used around the world.

When mobile users enable location, they allow apps that use users’ locations to track them.

SMS Geofencing

Like in other internet-dependent apps that use geolocation, businesses can also use SMS-based location of clients and send specific Promotional messages to add to sales which is ultimately the objective of every enterprise. 

When a customer, who has given prior approval to receive messages, enters a specific location a message is sent to him by the business, it is known as SMS Geofencing.

However, before you, as a business or a brand want to go ahead with this unique and rewarding feature of SMS, It is mandatory to follow specific steps for the implementation to be legal and avoid ending up in a court of law.

Get Approval From Reciever

This is how SMS marketing campaigns start off. Without the prior approval of the customer, a text message promoting your business or brand cannot be sent to anyone who has not opted in for the promotional campaign.

To get people to opt-in for campaigns it is suggested to publicize your keywords. You can also get people to fill out forms and start the marketing campaign.

Seek Permission to Use The Location 

Once you have received the approval from your customer, the next step is to ask for the location from the client. This is what is necessary for SMS geofencing to work. If you only get your customers to opt-in for your promotional campaigns without seeking permission to use location, you as a brand promoting product or a service cannot send location-specific text messages.

After obtaining permission for tracking the location, the SMS provider you have tied up with will have to access the client’s GPS or RFID signals.

Once you have access to the customer’s location, you can send timely messages and grab his/her attention while in the specified area.

So, what to wait for when you can scale up the business with a cost-efficient channel?


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