Utility of SMS in The Age of Smartphones

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Even though the use of smartphones has increased exponentially over the last few years and the increase in Android and IOS apps has to some extent made the SMS channel, unlike earlier, one of the many options available in the hands of a consumer.

However, despite all the options with rich features, businesses around the globe are still preferring the old-fashioned SMS channel for promotional purposes while interacting with clients.


The number of smartphone users is growing and penetration of the internet has reduced the use of feature phones to a large extent even in low-income countries. But what is common between the former and the latter is that both support the cost-efficient channel of SMS.

As per the latest statistics available, the number of Smartphone users around the globe at present is close to 7 billion users. According to Statista, 83.32% of the world’s population owns smartphones. Among the countries with the highest number of users are China, India, and the United States of America.

In low-income countries and in areas where the internet has not spread wings completely, the reliance is still on feature phones. In order to reach out to this unconnected population, businesses heavily rely on the 160-character channel for marketing and other objectives.

The Shift in Messaging Industry

The abundance of Smartphones has added to messaging industry in many ways and the option of plenty to choose from has added to the competition.

Of late the introduction of RCS (Rich Communication Services) by Google has become the talking point in the messaging industry. It is directly in competition with Apple’s iMessage. 

Moreover, the addition of business SMS has given brands a channel to connect instantly with customers. 

But what remains is the power and possibility of Bulk SMS, for its sheer immediacy and nearly cent percent open rate.

While using apps where having an internet connection is mandatory for communicating marketing goals, customers also must possess an internet connection. This is where the problem occurs. Customers do not have access to the internet all the time and not all possess the widely used smartphone.

Why Bulk SMS is The Channel To Rely on?

Now, what is the solution available for businesses to reach their full potential when all do not have feature-rich smartphones and more importantly access to the internet?

If you are a brand looking to expand and reach every mobile phone in the world, it is time to stick to a cost-efficient SMS channel that has a wider reach compared to others.

Below we have mentioned the reasons behind the preference:

Instant communication: As soon as a customer receives the text, he/she immediately, either respond or reads the message sent. Unlike email which is rarely opened by the user, text messages are checked more often than not.

Many times, users tend to forget to check email which requires an internet connection, but SMS is delivered and seen even without an internet connection.

Cost-effective: With mobile – feature or smartphone – almost in every hand, the option to reach is very helpful for any kind of business to grow at a scale unlike in other marketing options.

Wide Reach: People even from the remotest areas anywhere in the world can be reached using the service of messaging. There are certain areas where internet penetration is still elusive. But almost every corner is covered by mobile phones. They may not be able to have a video call but you as an entrepreneur can get in touch and deliver services and products to them using SMS services.

Little Preparation: While using this service, the need to prepare detailed information is done away with. You can simply add a link to your website for further information. There is no need to put an ad campaign, unnecessary images, and infographics. Just type a message and send it to desired customers at once.

Customer Engagement: No other marketing tool is as effective in keeping in touch with customers, as texting is. The consistency in communication from both ends is not matched by any other tool. It’s highly unlikely that people after coming across a message on their mobile phones will not interact. This is helpful because you remain in touch with your customer base 24/7, without having to worry about losing out on clients.

Kill two with an arrow: Whenever you send a transactional message, the opportunity for you to introduce a new service or product to the target consumer is offered. Here you can give the link to the discount provided, a new sale offer, or simply make them go recheck the website. Usually, it’s better to offer something to your customer, so that he/she is compelled to click on the desired link.


The introduction of smartphones did revolutionize the messaging industry, but the reliance of businesses on SMS channel cannot be underestimated. The benefits are aplenty when using the cost-effective streamlined channel for exponential growth.

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