Which One to Choose Text Message Marketing Vs Email Marketing?

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Every business, be it a global corporation or an enterprise limited to a certain geographical area, requires a channel to communicate with loyal and potential customers. Some have opted for email while others have preferred text messages as a marketing tool to connect.


With the advent of the internet, companies have switched, not completely though, to mobile marketing for the promotion of products and services. The traditional route — television, radio, newspapers, and billboards — of contacting customers and spreading the word is now slowly being replaced by blast SMS, email marketing, & social media advertisements.

Knowing very well the importance of these digital marketing tools, companies around the globe are not able to decide which channel will work best for them. The choices are many but the concern understandably is that of ROI( Return on Investment).

To make it easier for all micro and macro companies, we will delve into two of the most liked channels – Email and SMS marketing.

What is Email Marketing


The use of email for the promotion of products and services of the business. This is used to inform the customers on your mail list about the latest offers, sales discounts, and much more. You can use email also to educate the consumer with rich content. Given there is no constraint on character limit, you can easily convey your point with suitable examples.

Although it is being widely used everywhere, of late working of this strategy as desired by CEOs is a question stirring many heads.

Some Undeniable Benefits of Email Marketing

Every marketing channel has some advantages over others and email is not an exception. Some of its pros are mentioned below:

Crafting a Message: This is where this channel surpasses others in the market. The constraint of length does not disturb and compel you to compromise with the message to be delivered. You can send a well-crafted promotional mail along with suitable pictures, videos, and files if any. These beautifully written emails do help in conversion rates a lot.

Customer Segmentation: Here you get to divide your customers based on their preferences. This clubbing into different groups gives you an option to send relevant personalized content.

Brand Amplification: Emails are the best when it comes to getting your brand recognized among the masses. The possibility of sharing slogans and brand names along with the logo is possible. Anyone who opens the mail will recognize the sender immediately.

What is Text Message Marketing


The process of conveying information about sales, discounts, and any timely info using Bulk SMS services is called text message marketing. The proliferation of this type of marketing is witnessed all over the world. To make the message more personal, brands get an opportunity to slide the persuasive message directly into the pockets of a customer.

Why Text Message Marketing Reigns Supreme

The chance to be in contact with your customer round the clock has a reason behind it. Some are outlined below:

Unfathomable Open Rate: Almost all messages that are sent via this channel are mostly read instantly unlike in email. The sender should not worry whether his message has been seen and read by the targeted audience. As per various findings, the open rate of SMS is 98%, way higher than other marketing channels.

Engagement: Once the message is delivered to a customer, he/she is most likely to respond and reply back instantly. The easiest way to read and reply back in a few minutes is possible in Blast SMS campaigns. The moment mobile phone signals a new notification, users tend to check and respond without a delay.

Instant Customer Support: The need to respond to the queries of a customer is what will make sure the client stays with you. If responding to queries manually is not possible for an organization, using SMS Chatbots will come to the rescue. This works even when you are out of the office vacationing with your friends.


Taking into consideration the varied benefits of text message and email marketing, one has to acknowledge that they can work best in tandem with each other. If one is for a detailed description of products and services, the other is helpful in conveying timely alerts and flash sales. If you are yet to plunge into any of the two, for your exponential growth we highly recommend using both the channels until you find which one works for you.

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