Importance of Political SMS Shortcodes

Published by Suhail Bhat on

Communicating with customers is not only an essential part of every business – small or big – organization for better and desired results. But of late for political parties around the globe, remaining in touch with the electorate has become mandatory to succeed in elections.


In a world where there are plenty of options to use for staying in touch with the electorate, SMS is the channel that can help political parties at critical junctures during the campaign. Canvassing will be much easier with the use of Political SMS Shortcodes

Since there are plenty of platforms for voters to engage with, using a 160-character channel that is not only cost-efficient and direct but open and engagement rates are what makes it the most preferred choice for many organizations. 

But before delving into the necessity of employing Political SMS Shortcodes, let us first understand the term shortcodes in the messaging industry.

What are Shortcodes?

These are usually five or six-digit short codes that allow enterprises to send messages in a short span of time in bulk to customers across the world. The receiver instead of finding a 10-digit number being displayed on the sender column of his screen comes across a short code of not more than six digits. This is different from a regular text sent by a friend or family member. 

These types of codes are adopted by companies to promote their business. For marketing campaigns to become successful, many choose these shortcodes because customers can easily recall them. Sometimes a certain code is associated with a specific company.

Like brands, political parties do use shortcodes for wider reach and efficient communication.

Types of Shortcodes

There are two types of shortcodes that are usually used by marketing teams to connect with customers. The team that handles the political campaigning of political parties also makes use of these shortcodes for better engagement.

Here are the two widely used types of Shortcodes:

Vanity Shortcode: This is a custom phone number not only political parties but any brand can use to communicate with loyal and prospective clients. These are the ones that can be remembered easily by the targeted audience, unlike other phone numbers.

Generic shortcode: This is a type of shortcode assigned randomly to the users. These are the type of shortcodes that cannot be recalled easily by the targeted audience. 

Usage of Political SMS Shortcodes

For better reach and efficient communication, sending messages in bulk to voters will surely help a lot. Putting Vanity Shortcode in use will make it easy for parties involved in canvassing. This is because people tend to recall codes that are easy to remember.