Benefits of Using SMS Shortcodes

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The necessity to reach a large number of customers instantly is what concerns almost every established and emerging brand in the market. With the proliferation of communication channels, SMS shortcodes are considered the most viable option to get in touch with loyal and prospective clients around the world.


Businesses are choosing SMS because of its cost efficiency and unparalleled instant delivery unlike other channels in vogue. Leaving behind the traditional ways of connecting, Brands now engage with clients through the SMS Marketing method for the promotion of products or services. This is mainly because people spend most of their time on mobile phones which was earlier not the case. To send thousands of messages within seconds anywhere in the world, employing SMS shortcodes is the preferred option for many multinational corporations along with emerging startups around the globe.

But why are these codes chosen when other codes and numbers are available for sending Bulk SMS?

The reasons are the end number of Benefits Shortcodes come up with, unlike other numbers and codes.

Let’s dive into the advantages of these codes that make them the first choice of businesses for promotional purposes.

Benefits of Using SMS Shortcodes

These codes which are five or six digits long serve many purposes for brands. Some of the prominent ones are listed below:

  • Scalability

The throughput of these codes is way higher than long codes and thousands of messages are sent instantly with the help of shortcodes. For sending texts in bulk anywhere in the world, these codes are relied a lot on.

  • Can Be Recalled

With the kind of length of these codes, it becomes easy to recall these SMS shortcodes. People are generally caught up with other kinds of work and remembering long codes is not what customers look for. Shorter codes are good for the recognition of brands and customers can easily recall the moment they come across one.

  • Reliable

Compared to other channels of communication, SMS is the channel that can be relied on because clients need to opt in for any promotional campaign. Unlike email and other messaging channels where there is no gatekeeping, sending a marketing text requires the explicit approval of the receiver.

People either use the keyword to join the list or fill out the form online to receive promotional messages. Consumers do not receive the text without first permitting brands.

  • Spam Traffic Curtailed

Since permission is required for brands to promote, the number of spam messages is way below what it is in the case of email or other messaging channels. The reason behind the curtailment of spam messages is registration which is mandatory for dedicated short codes.

  • Portability

Once the business owns a dedicated shortcode — although costly — the possibilities are endless. You, as a brand become the sole owner of the code, and people can easily connect just by noticing the number.

If in case the owner of the shortcode wants to change the SMS provider, the brand can use the dedicated number elsewhere, making it easier for customers to identify.


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