How to Make Your Marketing Smarter

Published by Suhail Bhat on

Nowadays, brands have a plethora of options available to market their products and services around the world. Besides traditional means, they have new and effective tools at their disposal to upscale their business. From radio and television ads to Bulk SMS and email marketing, enterprises have come a long way to reach customers.


Over the years, companies have used techniques relevant to the specific time. Initially, after multi-national corporations made their way in various countries, the focus on grabbing the attention of prospective customers was done through Radio and Television advertisements. Local language was used to lure the usually unlettered lot of these societies. Newspaper ads were used to target the literate class.

However, with the passage of time, the method to communicate with clients has drastically changed. This is mainly due to advancements in communication technology. People are able to get in touch with their loved ones anywhere in the world.

Observing the benefits of new tools that were being introduced, businesses had to revamp the strategy of connecting with customers. Earlier Mass Media tools used to be the focus of marketing teams, but now the focus has changed and digital media is deciding the what and how for businesses of all sizes. One of the reasons for this shift is the changing behavior of Gen Z and millennials alike.

Here is How to Make Your Marketing Smarter

Below we have discussed various forms that can be employed to make your marketing campaigns successful:

The Traditional Way

This is a form of marketing that will always have an audience. The target audience may not be millennials or GenZ, but there is still a section in various parts of the world for whom radio and television are irreplaceable.

Although minuscule, this lot cannot be overlooked. So for them, television and radio is the best way to connect. You can ensure the aged lot is not forgotten in this era of social media that transcends borders within no time.

There are a few more ways like using flyers, billboards, and posters. They may not be as effective in the age of the internet but the message is conveyed. Especially with billboards and posters, the necessity is to place them at locations that witness people in large numbers. In other words, check the footfall of the chosen location.

Email Marketing

This is the best form when it comes to targeting people who spend most of their time on the internet. Companies mainly make use of this to send a detailed description of a product or a service being offered. You as a business owner get direct access to the intended customer. You can address the customer directly using his name unlike in television or radio ads. The choice to personalize has a desired effect on the receiver.

Email can be used to educate the targeted group and keep them engaged while they are purchasing from you. This is also used to promote your brand and get in touch with prospective clients. What needs to be noted is that email marketing is way cheaper than the traditional one discussed above.

SMS Marketing

The process of sending marketing messages using text is called SMS marketing. This is a form of opt-in marketing where customers are required to subscribe before receiving the message from any brand or business.

It is not limited to sending out promos but transactional messages are also sent using SMS. The secure way of making payments is made possible by using the OTP SMS option available in SMS.

Considered the most effective form of marketing. This, besides being cost-efficient, delivers your message in a jiffy. The 98% open rate of SMS is way higher than any other digital marketing method. In this age of the internet, when businesses are presented with a plethora of ways to engage with customers, Bulk SMS has remained the top priority of brands anywhere in the world.

Texting has helped many brands make a presence. The ROI (return on investment) on this form of marketing is what many cherish a lot. To take businesses to next level, “SMSala“, a Bulk SMS provider, has helped many enterprises in exponential growth.

Social Media

Since the introduction of Facebook followed by other widely used social networking websites, the need to shift was felt most by businesses around the globe. To remain in touch with people in the era of the internet, brands revamped their strategy and got in touch with billions of users of these sites.

Nowadays people follow Facebook ads and consult others on these social media sites. This has become the go-to point of many prospective customers. This method, if used rationally can bring a lot of traffic to your websites.


Taking into consideration various methods of marketing, a brand or an enterprise cannot choose one and overlook others. What one can safely say is that all have relevance and cater to different audiences. However, what needs to be kept in mind is that looking for a cost-efficient and reliable marketing method must be adopted as the main form of conveying your message to customers.