Choosing Between SMS vs Social Media Marketing

Published by Suhail Bhat on

In an era of digital media, marketing teams of firms have shifted, not completely though, to the much sought-after SMS & Social Media channels for effective and cost-efficient communication.


The usage of these channels has grown manifold in the last decade or so. However, the question that constantly stirs the mind of marketing teams of brands is which one is a more useful channel.

How SMS & Social Media Marketing Differs

To find out which one suits your enterprise or company, read below the comparison and make an informed decision.

Approaching Your Audience

This is what remains on top for marketing strategists while preparing a plan to reach out to customers. The best channel or route is always sought to maximize the effect of the campaign. To target the specific section, SMS has always proven far more successful compared to other social media sites.

Although brands do use social media to target the audience, the message does not reach as the team would have planned. This is because there is a lot of clutter that engulfs your message, making it many times drown in the ocean of information available on these channels.

On the other hand, the 160-character message always makes it to the intended target. Here, the receiver is not required to scroll endlessly. Due to their near cent percent open rate, text messages are almost always read.

The Ability to Attract the Customer

No marketing campaign can be successful if it does not hook up the customer and push him to the desired action. Various ways are adopted by advertisers to grab the attention of clients. As far as the use of social media is concerned, the rich features do help a lot in engaging with loyal and prospective customers.

Nowadays people are mostly on their phones using social media sites on a daily basis and marketing teams are making good use of the channel. Sharing eye-catching ads, videos, and graphical content.

However, when it comes to engaging customers SMS Campaigns have a higher ROI ( Return on Investment). The click-through rate of text messages always exceeds other channels of communication. This is because people tend to open and read the message as soon as they receive one. But the same is not true for social media campaigns. There, the content is appealing but clients do not remain vigilant in checking every new post. Moreover, the user has to log in before getting to know what is happening on the said social networking site.

Enticing Customers for CTA

This is what all the hard work is done for by the brand. In the end, the objective is always to entice customers in purchasing the product or service that is being offered.  As for the call-to-action phenomenon, SMS has proven its utility.

People are more inclined to receive short and personalized messages rather than ones that are lengthy and not personalized. The ability to customize as per the requirement of an individual makes SMS dearer to the customer.

The absence of personalization is what puts social media campaigns in the back seat. But the engaging content does offer a glitter of hope. Both channels are viable when it comes to enticing a customer to the desired action.


Weighing the positives and negatives of both channels of communication for marketing purposes, Bulk SMS or Blast SMS for promotional purposes outshines social media in many ways. However, if used together, marketing teams can benefit a lot and catch on to those they could not via texting.