Future of SMS Marketing Amidst Innovative Messaging Apps

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The use of text messages or what is commonly referred to as SMS is growing at an increasingly rapid pace. Not only the ordinary person but firms – micro and macro – across the world are heavily relying on SMS marketing to promote their products and services. But now with options aplenty, questions are raised on the future of SMS marketing.


With the advancement in communication technology, businesses have abundant channels to utilize for the message to be passed to the end consumer. Besides email, SMS has other social media networking sites to face in the competition, especially WhatsApp business is giving a tough time.

Since the beginning in the early nineties of the 20th century, SMS has not faded from public memory but the utility has grown manifold despite social media giants engulfing the space.

But the question remains: How long will the 160-character service survive amidst new and changing technologies that are making not only our lives easier, but marketing campaigns of companies are being shaped differently with the rich features available in these messaging apps.

Why SMS Marketing is Still The Foremost Priority of Brands

Let’s find out about the future of SMS Marketing and why it will remain the priority of enterprises to stay in touch with clients.

Statistically Superior

There is no denying the fact that SMS has the highest open rate compared to other channels of communication. Unlike other channels, SMS has a 98% open rate leaving behind email and other messaging apps.

Not only millennials but Gen Z prefers to be communicated via text. When it comes to receiving texts, according to 99firms, 91% would prefer messages from brands.

The Necessity of SMS Marketing

Due to the sheer simplicity of operating and cost-effectiveness of the service, SMS is still reigning supreme in the contest. This channel is one of the easiest ways to get in touch with customers around the world.

Despite advancements in technology, we still have areas where the internet is a far-fetched dream. To reach people in the remotest areas, SMS comes in handy. The complex procedure, which staves off many consumers is not the case in texting.

The Engagement Surpasses Others

What makes SMS the most viable option for any established brand or a new startup is the speed with which consumers engage. As soon as the text pops up on the customer’s mobile phone, the message is read instantly. It is said that it takes one and a half minutes for the text to be read. While it takes a lot of time to respond to an email. Due to the barrage of marketing emails, many remain unanswered and at times unread.

To get back your customers to the abandoned cart, texting is thought to be the easiest way. What brands do is send a reminder in the customer’s inbox with a discount at times. Seeing the new offer, the customer places the order.

For time-sensitive sales, SMS is the best channel employed by marketing teams to lure customers. Given the efficiency of SMS, the return on investment is very high compared to other methods.

The Possibility of Personalization

What sets SMS apart from other channels of communication is that a sender can convey messages in a conversational tone along with personalizing the text. This way of being friendly with customers yet not exceeding professional lines does wonders.

Even if you as a company have to send out Bulk SMS, you can ensure a personal touch in every message that goes out to the intended audience. By doing so, brands not only communicate effectively but make the client feel valued.

What Future Holds For SMS Marketing

One thing is clear more and more brands will prefer it as a marketing channel in the future especially those who are yet to start.

However, the path ahead is not as smooth as one would have thought a decade ago. More and more engaging messaging apps are taking over and RCS (Rich Communication Service), if successfully implemented by all the operators SMS will take the backseat. This is because there are features of social media sites accompanying RCS.

Until RCS takes over, SMS is going to rule the roost but with some modifications needed by brands who will use it. To take advantage of the open rate and cost-effectiveness of SMS, businesses must make conversations more friendly.

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