How SMS Drip Campaign Can Elevate Your Business

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Connecting with your customers at the opportune time is what matters in the end. Seizing the moments when they want to hear from you is a golden opportunity for businesses of all types. Addressing specifically this necessity of firms is an SMS drip campaign. While upscaling your business, the campaign helps you in staying connected to loyal and prospective customers.


Before delving into the benefits of SMS drip campaigns, let’s first understand the term in detail and its use in particular for new and established enterprises.

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What is SMS Drip Campaign?

This is an automated communication sent when a particular action is taken by the client. It can be sign-ups, click-throughs, or the result of a scheduled campaign. Using the text marketing channel, brands directly send messages into the inboxes of those who have opted in.

This type of campaign is usually run with the sole motive of attracting new customers through continuous and repeated targeting. To put it simply, a drip campaign automatically manages which message will go next and who will be the recipient. These messages are sent on the previously made moves by the client.

Advantages of SMS Drip Campaign

The importance of a drip campaign is best understood by those who have benefitted from this type of marketing. Here the main motive is to gather or lure more and more clients to your product or service. Before the SMS drip campaign took off fully, we had, which is still in use, an email drip campaign.

However, over the years email has been gradually replaced by SMS, and people are more drawn to text messages compared to emails which remain unread for weeks together.

Taking into consideration the open and response rate, SMS, not only exceeds email but all other channels lag behind in comparison to texting. While going forward with the SMS drip campaign, email ought not to be forgotten completely.

Ways to Make the SMS Drip Campaign Effective

Every channel provides the brand an opportunity to connect with customers, but how well we as a brand or the company use it will determine the success of our campaign. Below we have mentioned how to make the drip campaigns effective:

Give it a Name

Whenever you plan to start an SMS drip campaign, make sure you give it a name. The naming helps in identifying and differentiating between the operational and inoperative campaigns.

Connecting With Customers

The next step in the process involves getting in touch with your prospective customers. The most suitable way can be the usage of a keyword. You can also choose from your database and target the customers you want to.

Message Creation

Following the first two steps, you will get into the mode of creating a message. It is these messages that will be delivered to the potential customer’s inboxes. These have to be free of clutter and more importantly clear and concise. You are expected to grab the attention not confuse the receiver.

Check The Scheduled Campaigns

After creating messages, you can preview and keep track of all the scheduled campaigns. You will get information related to the campaigns scheduled.


SMS drip campaigns have proven their utility for almost any business. While keeping the ROI in mind, always think of what value you are offering the customer. If used consistently while following the points discussed above, the drip campaign will be very beneficial for the brand. Further, it is better to use email for the promotion of your SMS drip campaign to maximize the reach.

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