Why SMS Broadcast Service

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The need to communicate with customers is a necessity for all brands that want to expand beyond the set boundaries. Using the SMS broadcast service can be very beneficial if used in a manner that captivates the recipient.


With the service in place, you as a brand or a corporation offering products and services can get your point across immediately at a low cost unlike other channels of communication. The traditional channels used to communicate on a large scale are way too expensive, but Bulk SMS when employed is not only cost-efficient but the possibility of reaching directly into the inboxes of customers is what makes it the most preferred option.

What is SMS Broadcast

When a brand or a non-profit organization wants to send messages in bulk to innumerable customers or volunteers, we call it SMS Broadcast. Here usually, a single message is sent to the intended recipients at the same time.

Broadcast SMS is suitable when sending messages to a large pool of customers. To promote a product, inform customers about a sale or deal, and send important alerts, there is no better service than Broadcast SMS. The time is saved and more importantly, return on investment is what every business would cherish a lot.

Sending of Broadcast SMS

The process is very easy for anyone to operate and send texts in bulk without a delay. To send a broadcast SMS campaign this is what is required for reaching out to customers instantly:

  • Work on The List: This is the first step in sending messages to your loyal and potential customers. You have to have the mobile numbers of those you want to communicate with. If you do not have phone numbers. It is better to ask the client base to join in using text-to-join or fill web forms. Once you have the list prepared, upload the same and hop on to the next step.
  • Type in The Broadcast Message: Now comes the crucial part of writing down a message to be delivered instantly into the inboxes of your clients. Keeping the text short and persuasive along with a personal touch will have the desired impact.
  • Click The Send Option: Once you have written the message all you have to do is click the “Send” option or schedule the message.

Features of Broadcast SMS Service

The service comes up with an end number of features. Some of the best are listed below:

  1. Two-way Messaging: This feature not only lets you message the customer, but allows the recipient to reply back and take the conversation forward.
  2. Autoresponders:  If you are busy and unable to communicate, take advantage of auto-replies in the service.
  3. Text Scheduling: You can set a time for your promotional message to be sent in the future.
  4. Personalization: No better way to connect with a customer than sending a message with a personal touch.
  5. Segmentation: People have different tastes and can be grouped into different categories for better results.
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