Recurring SMS And How it is Done

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The purpose of sending messages is not just limited to timely offers and once-in-a-year deals presented to customers by brands in every nook and corner of the world. There at times arises a necessity —  for businesses of all sizes — to send a message multiple times which is called Recurring SMS in industry parlance.


Brands do feel that it is not easy to capture the attention of a client with just a single promotional message. That is why most marketing teams focus on repeating messages to both loyal and potential customers. Adopting this strategy of periodic messaging, firms expect and ensure an increase in revenue for the overall growth of the organization.

Why is Recurring SMS Used

The reasons behind sending recurring messages are aplenty. We will discuss in the following points why brands shift to this method not only to grab the attention of about-to-be clients but also to increase the return on investment.


  • Organizations and businesses do prefer repeated messaging for the purpose of the meeting. These are called meeting reminders by those who use them on a daily basis. This is done because meetings are not once-in-a-lifetime events. We repeatedly seek the attention of others in various capacities and there is no better way to connect other than messaging the intended audience.
  • Another important reason behind the usage is sending regular appointment reminders on checkups. People nowadays prefer booking an appointment online or via SMS. In order to revert back to those who seek an appointment, repeated messages are sent — to remind them — till the scheduled day. In this way, the potential customer is not lost in the process of meeting the demands of others.
  • For those loyal customers who stick with the brand, firms do not forget the birthday wish year after year. It is sent after a gap of 12 months but nevertheless when we have lacs of customers, sending a birthday wish does add to the moment of joy.
  • Usual reminders about the deal or an offer that is time-sensitive require recurring SMS. In order to generate more and more revenue, marketing teams do send repeated messages. The benefit of these messages is that if not once at least on a second or third chance the message is viewed and possibly the desired action is taken.

How To Send Recurring SMS

Sending recurring messages is as simple as sending a normal text on a web panel. To start off the process, we require a phone number to send, provided by a Bulk SMS provider like SMSala. Further, the one using the service ought to have the recipient and more importantly the service provider that supports the recurring SMS feature.

The process is not a herculean task for anyone already well aware of messaging. What is required is to select the SMS type, Sender ID, SMS Encoding, and SMS template in the panel before opting for “YES” in the schedule category and time zone and date for the recurring message.

Following the above process, the sender is required to write the message and enter the phone numbers of the recipients before clicking on the “Send SMS” option in the panel.

After doing all this you can lie down and take a break without worrying about the recurring campaign.

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