Why CRM With Text Messaging

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The use of SMS channel for efficient and streamlined communication with customers has proven its worth over the last several years. But to make the process of getting in touch even more reliable and SMS the go-to channel for brands, the integration of CRM ( Customer Relationship Management) with text messaging is going to maximize the benefits for the one adopting the method.


CRM is used by small and big organizations to analyze data and study a large amount of information to cater to the needs of customers. The system is added to SMS to drive sales and retain customers. Further, the adoption of CRM helps in avoiding the increase in DNA ( Do Not Attend) while sending out marketing texts.

The Need For CRM With Text Messaging Integration

As it is well-known SMS is the cheapest channel to connect with both loyal and potential clients around the globe, the addition of CRM with text messaging opens many hitherto closed doors for the exponential growth of any business. Below we have discussed what is the necessity for integration:

  • Personalize Messages

The good thing about the integration is that we can send a message with a personal touch with just a click to thousands of customers at once. The automation of messages and centralization of data in one place makes the job easier and the need to manually type text to customers is done away with. There is no need to send messages separately. The sender has to type in the content and send it all at once.

  • Aiding Customers

The integration also helps the support teams of firms. With the kind of response rate, the SMS channel does make the process of responding easier with automation. Customers are able to connect easily and get their queries answered instantly.

  • Updates and Reminders

While customers order products online, informing them about the confirmation and delivery of the order can easily be done using SMS. Since people open almost every sent text, the reminders can also be sent to those who book appointments. 

Not only offering support and sending reminders with personalized messages, but the CRM with text messaging integration also lessens the burden of the marketing teams of companies.

Advantages of CRM With Text Messaging Integration

The integration does help in the centralization of data which was not earlier the case. Now all the information is available in one place for easy and efficient communication with innumerable customers. The automation of messaging is also made possible by the integration, enhancing the overall experience for customers.

With the kind of benefits CRM comes up with, not integrating will not only make the assignment of the Bulk SMS sender difficult but nearly impossible to deal with for businesses while communicating with clients.