Explaining Call Routing & Its Benefits

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No one would prefer — even unintentionally — misdirecting customers while assisting and providing the necessary support. To ensure a streamlined communication process while interacting with clients, call routing is what businesses choose for better results.


So what actually is call routing and how does it benefit brands in communicating with loyal and prospective clients?

Let us find out in this article below.

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What is Call Routing?

This is a way to manage all incoming business-related calls for efficient communication and, more importantly, send the calls to the right agent for speedy assistance to clients from anywhere in the world. Transferring calls to the assistant who is best suited for a particular task is where call routing helps a lot.

By employing this cost-efficient system, businesses not only save their time and resources but above all get in touch with clients without delay for better communication purposes.

In this process, the commonly referred terms: ABR ( Attribute Based Routing), Intelligent Call Routing, and Task Routing are interchangeably used for call routing.

In essence, it is choosing the right agent for a specific matter to be resolved without a delay.

Benefits of Call Routing

The advantages of this much-needed call routing system are aplenty for a streamlined communication process. Below we have listed some that stand out:

  • Connect instantly with an agent

The best part of using this system is that customers are not made to wait endlessly for getting in touch with an agent for a specific purpose. With the system in place, the delay finds the exit route and clients an early resolution of problems.

  • Prioritize the urgent

Another undeniable benefit of adopting this system is that emergency and urgent issues are given preference over others. In other words, the system lets the user do priority-based routing.

  • Add to experience

What usually makes customers bid adieu to brands is poor communication experience. But with an intelligent call routing system in place, clients stay longer and find their needs met without any hassle.

  • No more call transfers

What happens in a normal call center is calls are transferred from one section to another, taking longer than the required time for issue resolution. But with the addition of the Call Routing System, the need for internal call transfers is done away with, saving time for both caller and attendant.

  • Reduce Costs

One of the most liked benefits of this system is its ROI (Return on Investment). The costs are way too low when compared to other forms or systems in place.

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