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You are here, possibly because, you are looking for a Bulk SMS provider that can help you in the exponential growth of your business. Once you are done reading the article, you will fully understand why SMSala stands out from the rest in the messaging industry.



In the following paragraphs, you will come across 5 Benefits of Texting with SMSala that will make it clear to you why choosing it over others is the right option for businesses of any size.

But before going into the advantages of messaging with a Dubai-based Bulk SMS provider, let us familiarize you with the leading promotional Mass SMS provider in detail.


SMSala, started way back in 2014, is a Dubai Based Global Bulk SMS Solution for businesses of all sizes around the world. From its initial phase in operation when the SMS provider had less than a thousand clients, it has grown manifold and at present has thousands of clients from all over the world.

Knowing very well how important customer satisfaction is, the provider has made it the utmost priority even when the number of clients has risen tremendously since its inception. Keeping in view the client requirements, SMSala provides the best services and product packages available in the market.

The one-of-a-kind SMS Gateway allows brands to send messages round the clock from anywhere in the world. Besides letting clients send text messages to any country, SMSala lets its users make use of dynamic Sender ID and the much sought-after Unicode among others. For SMS marketing, alerts, and notifications, SMSala allows its users to send millions of messages via the dashboard or API using direct routes.

Some Benefits of Texting with SMSala

There are end number of advantages if you start your messaging journey with the Dubai-based bulk SMS provider. Here we have listed the top five among them:

  • Messaging Quality

Sending messages may be easy, but delivering them instantly and consistently is what is required of the SMS provider. For quality, it uses technologies that help it exceed the benchmark set by others.

If you are looking for a reliable Bulk SMS Service provider that ensures instant and consistent delivery, SMSala is the solution you can trust.

  • SMS Pricing

As there are many competitors in the field of Bulk SMS, SMSala prides itself on being the one that charges comparatively less than others even when traffic is international.



Note: For trial purposes, the Bulk SMS provider offers 20 free credits to the prospective client. This allows you to check the services free of cost

  • Smart Tracking

The system lets you keep track of anything while sending messages from the platform. Keeping a check on sent SMS logs to the delivery time to frequently failed numbers, all can be tracked here.

  • Phenomenal Customer Support

For any query, the customer support team is available round the clock to assist you in dispelling doubts and fixing the issues you face. The support team of SMSala is out there to help you 24/7. The assistant is a click away from you.


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