Does Your Business Need VoIP Texting?

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People’s phones are inundated with messages these days, especially after the proliferation of messaging apps. But when it comes to companies promoting their products and services, Bulk SMS, or what many call VoIP texting is helping achieve the set targets.


The vitality of Bulk SMS for marketing purposes is not denied by anyone. Now what is new is that businesses – small and big – are shifting to VoIP texting.

Earlier the process of VoIP changed the game for phone calls and now the messaging is made easier for businesses. The shift to a VoIP system has helped many a lot.  But what is VoIP and how does it function for the benefit of a business owner who caters to customers from around the world.

Let us find out about it in detail and see whether it can actually be of any great help as is being claimed by many.

What is VoIP Texting?

Voice over Internet Protocol texting or VoIP in short is the use of virtual numbers for sending and receiving text messages. This is unlike messaging via phone. Here you don’t need a sim card but the virtual number is assigned to you for communication purposes. Texting using VoIP does not require you to have a mobile phone. Having a tablet, laptop, or even a desktop will suffice but not without an internet connection.

With VoIP texting, you can remain in touch with your customers from anywhere in the world at any time. By making use of automation and autoresponders, you can save your precious time to focus on other important tasks at hand.

The biggest benefit of all for you is that you can use separate numbers for personal use and business use. You will no longer be required to use your personal number for office use.

The Functionality of VoIP Texting

After deciding on the use of this service, you will have to get in touch with the service provider. You will be required to create an account. After following all the set procedures, you will be ready to send out text campaigns. What will be different from the usual phone texting is that you will be using the internet for sending and receiving messages. Moreover, customers who receive the text will not be able to differentiate whether the “text” is from VoIP or a mobile phone.

What is Possible With VoIP Texting?

With this kind of system in place, you can perform various tasks instantly without the need of being in possession of a mobile phone.

Here is what you can do using VoIP texting:

  • Firstly you will get a virtual number and possibly of your choice. You can also retrieve the existing number.
  • To text customers, you have to have their contact numbers. The said contact list of clients who have given you permission to text can be uploaded here.
  • You will get to create a keyword of your choice. Further, you can make a specific keyword asking people to subscribe to your SMS list.
  • Sending out Mass SMS is possible and even one on one chat is also possible.


The possibilities are endless with VoIP texting. Sending automated texts along with autoresponders for effective and streamlined communication using the virtual number is a call for every existing and new startup to invest in for marketing purposes.


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