Enhancing SMS Response Rates

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The possibility and effectiveness of SMS channel for the exponential growth of businesses throughout the world are not denied by anyone. Even during these times of rapid advancement in communication technology, the reliance and trust on the time-tested 160-character channel are not withering away at any cost.


However, of late the concern of the marketing teams of many brands is regarding SMS Response Rates. Despite sending well-thought-out promotional texts, the businesses that employ this messaging channel are faced with the challenge of getting a response from a large number of clients.

Why do brands find it difficult to get desired responses despite all the hard work put in by the marketing teams?

In this article, we will find out why the response rates decline instead of going upward. Moreover, we will also go through the ways to be adopted for desired response rates.

Why The Decline in SMS Response Rates

There are various reasons for the decline in response rates. Businesses use it in a haphazard manner which is detrimental to the success of any brand or company.

Besides disorganized usage, the absence of segmentation is the key reason not only for the decrease in response rates but also for the increase in unsubscriptions.

Furthermore, cold messages bereft of any human touch do add to the decline in response rates and customers find it extremely difficult to engage with texts that do not make them feel valued.

Ways to Increase SMS Response Rates

There are cerian strategies if employed as required, the response rate can be increased for the exponential growth of any type of business.

Some of the ways to be adopted are given below:

  • Enable Two-way Communication

This is the first of the many steps to be taken for the enhancement of response rates. Once you allow the customer to communicate with your brand, engagement begins and the rate of response begins to increase.

This is the simplest way to improve the response rate while promoting your brand in the market. If you have not enabled this feature of Bulk SMS yet, it is time to get in touch with your SMS Service provider and reap the benefits of two-way communication.

  • Target, Specific Audience¬†

One of the mistakes that marketing teams fall victim to is sending all types of messages to customers who do not need or want them. Knowing in advance the tastes and likes of customers will help a lot in getting the desired response from the customer base you engage with.

The need for segmentation of audience is felt by all and it is through this that brands will get higher responses and expected Return on Investment.

  • Personalize The Message

There is no better way to engage with the customer base than to make them feel valued. Adding a personal touch to your messages will surely bring the marketing goals to fruition.

When people are addressed with their names they feel connected and chances are the response rate will soar.

  • Check The Frequency¬†

Never send too many messages while promoting the products and services you provide. This excessive sending makes the receiver to opt-out immediately. If the sending is moderate, chances are engagement will grow and results will be according to your set goals.

  • When To Send

Another criterion that must be taken into consideration is when to send marketing messages. It is suggested to send promotional messages between 9 am and 9 pm and avoid disturbing the client base with marketing texts beyond the set time.

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