How to Start SMS Business

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With mobile connectivity growing at a rapid pace all over the world, the use of messages — by almost all brands to communicate with customers — has also seen an upward trend.

Starting Out SMS Business

Knowing the demand for Bulk SMS service, many new players want to try their hand in this business for an additional stream of income.

Now if you are the one looking to get into this sector and make your unique identity, read on to know what you should be familiar with before plunging into this arena.

Let’s begin with the basics of the messaging industry.

What is Bulk SMS

It’s sending out thousands of messages instantly to a large number of customers in a matter of minutes. This is used as a marketing channel, employed almost by every small and big business. Unlike outfits that become outdated in a short period of time, this is the kind that is in vogue for the last several years.

We mainly divide them into two categories – promotional and transactional texts.

What Lies Ahead

If you are determined to start your SMS Service, this is what you must expect going forward:

Volume: Earning a good sum depends on your number of clients. If the demand for service is high, naturally you will earn more.

Less Margin: Initially and even after spending a good amount of time, the margin is not as enticing as in other businesses.

What You Bring: Your earnings will depend on what you bring to the table. The more clients you have used your services, the more profit you will make.

Support: How you assist your clients when they are in need will matter a lot. If you don’t give them the service you are expected to, you will lose many. This must not be taken for granted.

The services you want to get into have a higher ROI with a minimal initial investment. But how do you get into this sector as a newbie?

There are two ways to get into this field:

Direct: Here you host an SMPP server with any telecom service provider and offer the service later on to businesses at the price you deem suitable. You are not dependent on any other. Although it is a good option but for established ones only.

Reseller: This is the option that is more easy and risk-free compared to the above option. You contact the established Bulk SMS provider in the industry and purchase credits wholesale to further sell to customers. By adopting this strategy of reselling, you not only earn for yourself but the one who sold you earns the profit.

The best part about this way of plunging into this business is you use all the features of the original provider under your own banner.

This is called White Labelled Reselling. This a feature you will love to have because this allows you to take all the features of the Bulk SMS service provider. You can and will overshadow the original service provider. This is a cost-efficient method and requires a small sum to start off.

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How to Start SMS Business

To make this enterprise successful, you have to follow certain steps as discussed below.

  • Survey

Whatever you want to launch, the foremost necessity is to know what is in the market. The first step involves finding out the Bulk SMS providers who have reselling packages.

  • Compare Rates

Once you got to know about the different providers who have packages that can help you start the business, compare the rates that you can afford. This is because you have to sell it further to earn a profit as well. You cannot let yourself be at a loss.

  • Quality Support 

Something very important to be kept in mind is the support because you don’t want any issues at the execution time. Rely on the service provider that is known for its quality support.

  • Create Website

After a thorough survey and following the above-mentioned steps, you can move to create a visually appealing website.

  • Choose White Labelled

Who does not want to be recognized? The feature of white labeling is of paramount importance for the one who buys a reseller package. You use all the features of the service provider under your own brand.

  • Announce Your Arrival

The next step is to tell the world that you have arrived. No one will get to know about you unless you do the branding. If no one knows you, there will be no clients, sales, and more importantly the profit you started for. You can target banks, hotels, restaurants, educational institutions, and airlines to flourish in the sector.


The business does not require a hefty sum to invest at the outset. Most business ideas don’t see the light of day because the amount required for investment is not manageable for many. Here is the business that can be started with just a few thousand in hand, unlike others where lakhs fall short.

If you want to become a reseller and start a Bulk SMS business, you can choose from SMSala Reseller Packages and begin an additional channel of income for yourself. Moreover, you can use all SMSala features under your own banner.


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