How Colleges & Universities Can Use a Bulk SMS Service

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Communication is essential when you run a school, college, or university. It is important that you can provide vital information to parents and students when needed and often in the short term. Traditional contact methods, such as sending a letter home, and contacting the parents by phone or by e-mail, all have their drawbacks.

Universities Can Use a Bulk SMS Service

Information sent by mail or sent at home with students can often be delayed, received too late, and in some cases intercepted by the student if it contains unwanted news! Phone calls are also unreliable because parents are often at work or just too busy to answer the phone. E-mails can be read too late and even blocked by spam filters. This is why a Bulk SMS service can be the perfect communication tool.

You can quickly create a message that is then delivered to the parents ‘or pupils’ handset within a few seconds of being sent. Nowadays, everyone almost always carries their phone on their person so that you know for sure that your message will be opened and, if necessary, will be handled once it is read. Here are just a few ways you can use a Bulk SMS service:

The Parent Scheme:

1. Give reminders with details about upcoming events, such as plays at school, meetings, and parent nights. These messages can be specifically adapted to the parents of a certain class or year group.

2. Send important information in the short term, such as school closures due to weather conditions, cancellations of sports days, or cancellations of other upcoming events.

3. Notify parents of changes to the school website or links to which they have access for more information.

4. Set up a voting system to choose new school directors or to vote on other issues that affect the school.

5. Notifications about rank and behavior reports newsletters and other important information that will be sent soon.

The Student Scheme:

1. Inform students of planned release dates for exam schedules, term dates, assessment collection points, and other important information.

2. Encourage students to make appointments with their teachers, register for academic events, or participate in mandatory meetings.

3. Provide links where students can access their grades or information regarding their course.

4. Send out information about studies that participants require and details about how to register.

5. Information about societies such as AGM, socials, and other important data.


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