Why SMS For Recruitment Process

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Companies based anywhere in the world are always on the look for new talent. But people who are seeking employment are looking for instant responses without the process being stretched. Knowing that pool of potential employees is mainly made up of GenZ, Hiring departments are shifting towards a more reliable and efficient platform of SMS for recruitment purposes.


The startups and enterprises want to choose the best among the candidates who have applied for the given position. However, sifting innumerable applications is a daunting task. What SMS does is that it makes the process simple and convenient for both the applicant and the employer.

We are in the first half of the 2nd decade of the 21st century, and the use of technology is at an all-time high. People have various options available at their fingertips. Similarly, the advent and more importantly the advancement of technology has made the hiring process easier for any team in the world.

Why is SMS a Better Option?

The moment you – as a Hiring Manager – think of recruiting new talent, take a pause and ponder over the plethora of tools available for the task to complete.

You have your website, social media in vogue, and other mass media channels to communicate your requirements. But why is SMS the best channel even when you have much more attractive options lined up?

Here is why:

Internet is not the necessity

Unlike other social media channels, messaging a candidate does not require internet connectivity. Even if your potential employee is in an area where using the internet is still an unfulfilled dream, you can easily pass the message.

Keep your applicants informed

After the recruitment process is initiated, the HR department usually receives a large number of applications. If the applicant does not receive any reply within a few days, chances are he/she may look for alternatives.

To ensure you don’t miss out on skilled applicants, you can update them regarding the process by sending timely texts and employment benefits of the company. Knowing the recruiter is interested, the potential employee will not search for other options.

Schedule Interview

As is widely known that SMS has a 98% open rate and people prefer being communicated via text, there is no better channel to inform the applicant about the scheduled interview.

There are higher chances of your emails being left unread. This may include your scheduled interview mail as well.  You can ensure interviews are not missed, saving you time and resources.

Faster and convenient process

In the fast-paced world, not many like the process to work at a snail’s pace. To ensure the recruitment process to complete faster and conveniently, the speed and convenience of text messages come to your rescue.

What ought to be done while recruiting via SMS?

There are some necessary points to keep in mind while engaging in the process of hiring new talent using texting as a channel. Some not to be overlooked ones are given below:

  • Seek permission from the applicant for communication via SMS. it is the first and foremost step for any employer, especially the task of hiring a department.
  • Never forget to mention who you are. Your messages should be accompanied by the name of your company. This ensures you are recognized in the plethora of messages the applicant receives.
  • Make the communication two-way for applicants to reply and ask any query. In this way, you are opening up a channel for potential employees.
  • Be concise while conveying any message to applicants. There are chances the applicant may be in a hurry while going through your message.
  •  The main purpose of the call to action must be included. You can share the link to your website or ask the applicant to fill out the google form.
  • Avoid repeated sending of messages. This makes the applicant ignore you when pestered consistently with unwanted texts.
  • Making the message personal has a long-lasting impact on the receiver. You can include the name and even skills possessed by the applicant.


The use of text messages for various purposes has grown manifold over the years. Of late companies have realized the utility of SMS for recruitment purposes. The cost-efficient channel will not only save you the resources but more importantly, the time can be saved in the process.


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