DLR Reports in Messaging Industry

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All the hard work put in during a promotional campaign by your marketing team may turn futile, if the message sent is not received by the intended receiver. The reasons for the delivery failure of the message can be endless. In order to ensure all the messages are delivered or to know the status of messages sent out, we take the help of DLR reports especially when sending Bulk SMS for extensive reach.


If in the messaging industry these delivery reports were not available, the businesses using the SMS channel would have to blindly follow the service providers. The importance of having access to these reports cannot be understated. This is best known to those who send out thousands of messages on a daily basis. Whether the message was received by the receiver is what concerns the team handling outgoing traffic a lot.

Before delving into the reasons for failure and what is the way to avoid it, let us first understand the term DLR Report and how it helps businesses that employ it for successful campaigns.

What is SMS DLR Report

In the simplest of terms, this is a report about the messages that were sent to one or multiple destinations. The report informs us about the delivery status of mobile terminated SMS. It is generated when the recipient’s mobile phone acknowledges the delivery of the message. The report, sent by Short Message Service Centre, is essential and crucial while analyzing the marketing campaigns and their impact on the business.

What is Included in the DLR Report


What needs to be kept in mind is that the report does not only inform us about the delivery but we can know about other kinds of status of the message sent out. Below are the four flags that a report includes:

  • Scheduled: This is shown for messages to be delivered. In other words, the ones that are in the queue will be displayed here.
  • Pending: Once the message is sent, en route to the destination, the delivery will be stalled. There can be multiple reasons for the pending issue. Either the recipient is out of network or the phone is switched off. Further, the plan might have expired of the receiver.
  • Delivered: This is a stage when the message is successfully delivered to the intended recipient.
  • Undeliverable: If not in one of the above-mentioned categories, the message may fall in this section. The message remains undelivered due to various reasons including being blocked by the operator’s spam filters or the number may no longer be in use.


No marketing campaign run by any brand or firm globally can measure the impact without having gone through the DLR reports when the campaign was being run. Having a close watch over these reports can save you from many fake DLR reports that are rampant in the industry.

There is no possibility of cent-percent deliverability. When choosing a service provider, it is better to test the services first and determine the report. Additionally, always choose a provider that uses quality routes and ensures higher deliverability.

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