Adopting SMS Weather Alert System

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With the increase in temperature and the possibility of various natural calamities striking at any moment, informing people in advance has become incumbent to avoid the harm that an unprecedented catastrophe brings along with it. For people to be informed about these inevitable disasters, SMS weather alert is the system govt and other agencies can deploy.


Previously, governments as well as the general public were not as cautious as they are now with regard to natural disasters. But in the last decade or so, due to campaigns worldwide, people and states are considering the necessity of planning in advance for any tsunami, flood, hurricane, or sandstorm in deserts.

In planning for these unavoidable natural catastrophes, texting or which is also called Bulk SMS is the way out. Simply sending out alerts in bulk will help in preventing the effects of these disasters. Informing in advance equips people and lets them prepare before the actual disaster takes place. If the SMS weather alert system is used effectively, many lives can be saved with just an alert.

Governments around the world are taking steps to caution people. Knowing the effectiveness of the SMS channel, the Indian government’s meteorological department launched an SMS-based weather alert system for the general public. Other countries are following suit.

Why SMS Channel for Weather Alert System

The reasons are many for preferring the cost-efficient channel. Here we have listed a few:

Simple: The channel is easy to use. There is no need to design and send in pictures and graphics along with the text. A simple 160-character length message will do the job.

Instantaneous: Due to the near cent percent open rate, all messages sent via this channel are read. This is not the case with other communication channels. Since weather alerts are needed to be read instantly, SMS becomes the natural choice.

Universality: The good thing about the SMS channel is that it is almost available everywhere. Even on mobile phones that do not support the internet, messages can be sent to them. This is not the case with other channels of communication.

Advantages of Using SMS Weather Alert System

At the time of a calamity or when there are indications for one, informing people about various precautions is what cannot be overlooked.

Below are Some Benefits of the Alert System:

Informing about the calamity

SMS channel can be used to inform all at once about any possible calamity. This can be an update about a flood, hurricane, snow avalanche, or tsunami in the concerned area.

Reaching out

The SMS channel will help in reaching out to those who are in areas prone to disasters even when there is a shortage of power supply.

Use by Govt and NGOs 

The state can use the channel to reach out to those who are stuck in disaster and at the same time convey to agencies that are engaged in emergency operations.

Planning in advance

The SMS channel can be used to guide people with regard to an emergency. This may include precautions, how-to guides, and an emergency contact list for people stuck in the catastrophe even before the actual calamity strikes. This will certainly help in reducing the number of casualties.


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