Bulk SMS is a means of concurrently sending a huge quantity of text messages to numerous recipients.

SMS Sender ID is a unique alphanumeric or numeric identity that displays on the recipient’s mobile phone as the “sender” of an SMS message.

Transactional SMS is a sort of text message that is delivered to customers to provide particular and important information about their transactions or contacts with a business. It acts as a conduit of communication for giving order updates, account alerts, and other transaction-related information.

Text messages sent with the primary goal of promoting products, services, or offers to new or existing clients are referred to as promotional SMS.

Bulk SMS allows you to send a huge number of SMS messages to numerous recipients at the same time. It operates in Belgium by leveraging SMS gateway providers such as SMSala, who have established agreements with local telecommunication networks to permit bulk SMS message delivery.

Bulk SMS systems often provide tools for managing and organizing your contact lists, enabling you to add, modify, and delete contacts as needed.

In general, bulk SMS providers give delivery reports that reflect the status of each sent message, including whether or not it was delivered.

Yes, you can use bulk SMS for marketing reasons in Belgium, but you must follow local restrictions, which include gaining recipients’ agreement and offering opt-out choices.

Many bulk SMS providers allow organizations to engage clients for marketing and transactional needs by sending both promotional and transactional messages.

A single SMS message has a normal character restriction of 160 characters. If your message exceeds this limit, some carriers may automatically break it into numerous messages, which will be reassembled by the recipient’s phone.

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