Use of Bulk SMS in Hotel Industry

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Hotels and resorts are getting ready to increase their activities even during the low season with the help of SMS technology. The numbers begin to swell by making effective use of mobile advertisements.

How to Use Bulk SMS For Your Hotel


 Uses of Bulk SMS in Hotels

1. ADVERTISEMENT: Yes, the first thing to try and do right after setting up a brand new business is to make others aware of it. This is the place where publicity comes in. With the different channels that can be used to advertise your hotel business, Bulk SMS is just as good. Once your hotel is operational, you will receive a resolute photo, as much as possible on social media, print media, the internet, and a lot of economical bulk texting. It works by letting people recognize that you are in the market.

2. BOOKINGS: As your hotel business grows and with proper care given to it, you will find that you are gathering a good number of guests instantly. Especially during joyful periods, people can come to your hotel en masse, especially if you have won their love. It will not be smart to do business as soon as some senior customers come back just to find out in which rooms they want to be taken. you can use Bulk SMS in room reservations and bookings, you may even have a shortcode for your hotel company where customers can send a booking message and reserve a space for themselves for tomorrow. This promotes the relationship.

3. CHECKOUT / FEEDBACK MESSAGE: Hotel managers will use bulk SMS to get honest reviews from their customers, which they can subsequently use to know about the experiences and improve their service in the required areas. A guest who checks out will deliver a text message of feedback about the guest experience. It will even embrace a brief decision for actions that you are sure will take. one thing like “Thank you, sir and madam, for your patronage, but please do you appreciate the service you received during your stay here? Let us understand your experience, it will work wonders. Believe me, if they are not happy she says it, and intrinsically you will make a decision about such and verify what they are dissatisfied with and fix it, it helps your business grow and help you get people back.

4. RESERVATION CONFIRMATION: Once your customers have made a booking request via Bulk SMS, this helps them to receive confirmation that their request has been received and approved. This gives them the peace of mind that their booking has been confirmed and that they will receive their rooms at that moment after they have been created. This provides a sensible way of communicating between you and them and it is one thing that puts you in a good position in your alternative business.

5. BILLS PAYMENT: Some large companies use SMS PAYMENT GATEWAYS which allows customers to pay their bills with just one click. If you can afford this integration, it will also help you manage debt and ease of payment for your customers, so your relationship can only get stronger and stronger.

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